2 important deaths, and 1 cartoon death

It’s a bummer day. Michael Jackson and Farrah. Is it too early to make the joke: Will MJ be doing the Thriller dance any time soon? I hope not.

Today is rez day. It’s rez day and I was supposed to come up with this elaborate plan to out myself. Now, I’m not in the mood.

So I’ll give it to you straight: I’m a guy. I’ve always been a guy and will always be a guy. I’m not gay and I don’t have gender identification crisis, as some of you tend to believe when it comes to this.

The original purpose aside, I had fun being Blaspheme. I had fun knowing you all through her. I started off with lies, but then that got too boring so I started to tell the truth. Only, I left what organ I have between my legs out of stories.

Portia was the only one who knew first. That was followed by Phoenix, who couldn’t keep his nose out of it after a certain someone was outed. This caused me to keep a tighter security on my sex in real life.

I attempted to keep the list short: Kiara, iole, Wit, Judas, Kain, Twitch, and Laita. They all accepted it and didn’t care, which is why I told them. Some of you have become to see me as your sister, or your compatriot and I tell you, I’m still very much the person you met online. I’m just not a chick.

I started off as portraying Blas a straight girl, but after several advances by male avatars for sex, I dropped that act and went lesbian for my own peace. I, however, never had any intention to score me a lesbian, like other men have done. It was simply a game.

Sure, most of the time, I was rping and that grew too hard. I’d still do it, but I was often lax about it. I’d flirt with several people, but it was all a part of the rping. Blaspheme’s character had grown way out of my control, like most of my characters have in the past.

So with that, ladies and gentlemen of Second Life, I bid you g’nite. And I’ll see you on the flip side.


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